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We understand the importance of education as the most powerful tool to transform the world. Every one of our products has education as its principal core and motivation.

With our digital biweekly magazine Cannabis World Journals we inform, educate, and create awareness about the global cannabis industry. Our publications offer updated knowledge from the different areas that compose this unstoppable phenomenon such as medical and scientific research studies, legal changes around the world, innovations in the businesses and markets, and of course all related to the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes.

On the other hand, through Alpha Research Clinical Studies we seek to change the life of patients. We specialize in different therapeutic areas and work every day on creating awareness as well as providing solutions to ongoing illnesses for the people who need it the most.

Last but not least, we value our allies in helping us reach the community, this is why through Alpha Academy of Science and Pharmacology University we have teamed up with several universities and educational institutions to teach our students about the value of medical cannabis and how the industry operates.

In this order, having projects with different objectives with the same underlying principle -education- gave birth to CHNC. CHNC is committed to connecting with the public through information, education, and knowledge. We thrive with passion, integrity, diversity, and globalization.

¡Welcome to change, welcome to the future, welcome to CHNC!





Our passion is our north star, it springs our vision, drive, flexibility, purpose and our strong desire to deliver an excellent experience for our clients and patients. As well, to produce the highest return possible for our investment, for our people, our partners but most importantly our shareholders. We realize that our journey and life without passion, is not worth living! 


Integrity is our DNA, our moral compass, our mantra and it is who we are. Consequently, we strive to at all times do the right things instead of doing things right. Our Integrity empowers us to utilize our better judgment at any cost. Sometimes integrity appears with great pain since it does not understand profits or compromise, and it is agnostic. But integrity is who we are!  


Globalization for us is synonymous with opportunity, we leverage global markets to expand and gain exposure for our products and services. We truly believe that our global presence and strategies are essential for achieving sustainable competitive advantage. In addition, our transnational existence stretches our minds to better understand cultures, destroy barriers and conquer an international footprint. Simply because he who isolates, self-destructs.  


Diversity defines us and is the shield that separates us and protects us from ignorance. Our diversity of human resources, wealth, and brain reserve produces ideas, innovation, and invulnerability. Without diversity, companies compound their weaknesses and become short-term victims. We firmly believe that people from all walks of life deserve a chance.  Moreover, we are very clear that diversity of talent will always contribute to imparting an emerging and fresher vision for our future.

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Clinical Research


As authorities in our fields of expertise, we look forward to operating the next great innovative medical company. We remain committed to our company's vision of providing and enhancing shareholder value.


The company is dedicated to providing services in all therapeutic areas of clinical research. Therefore, the need to continually develop and improve treatment options is vital to our preparation as healthcare professionals. Continuous work in Clinical Research is essential to this process.


The Company also operates an international learning platform that provides knowledge and promotes professionalism in the rapidly growing global cannabis industry through education and research about the medical properties and healing values of the plant.

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