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Canna Med Magazine is the tool that connects each individual in the medical cannabis industry with the world of research, medicine and science as every citizen of the world deserves. Our goal is that accurate, innovative and advanced information easily reaches each of our readers.

Canna Med is a monthly digital publication designed by health professional for health professionals. In an industry that is constantly finding new uses for the Cannabis Plant in the healing arena, we wish to bring to the medical and scientific community the latest in research, published studies and of course ground-breaking discoveries. We believe at Canna Med the importance of staying informed, of sharing knowledge from around the world and creating a community that stands behind the infinite benefits the plant has to offer and because we realize this is a global effort, we offer our subscription in five different languages so that everyone is included. In addition to our publications, you will find our blogs and daily updated news the ideal way to stay in sync with the Medical Cannabis industry.

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Changing the medical cannabis industry, one edition at a time

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Our commitment to the subscriber is to provide through Canna Med Magazine a medical knowledge portal that will keep the user informed, updated and current with the constant changes of the industry


When it comes to Cannabis, science must join the dissemination to publicize the properties of this plant and its derivatives. That is why Canna Med is born: in the spirit of communicating the latest scientific findings on cannabis.

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