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CHNC Letter of Introduction for COVID-19 Therapeutic Treatment


Dear ___________________,



Allow me to introduce myself, and our company. My name is Dante Picazo, and I am the director of CHNC , a publicly traded company that trades under the ticker symbol CHNC on the OTC Markets. What’s more, our firm is dedicated to providing services in all medicinal areas of clinical research . On top of this, we operate an international education platform that promotes learning about the fresh and up and coming global medical cannabis industry  ; along with this, under the umbrella of education, we bring about and operate Canna Law and Canna Med magazines which are presently distributed in 55 different countries. Into the bargain, we own and operate our online instructive platforms and feature our medical and legal edification in the following five different languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic.


Moreover, we have created a therapeutical treatment which will allow us to help patients combat the fury of the ceaseless coronavirus, a disease caused by an evolving pathogen that grows stronger every day, drifts away from its original form and makes all of us vulnerable. Needless to say, the availability of a vaccine is essential to reduce the infection rate and bring relief to the impact of SARS-CoV-2. However, we strongly believe that patients could benefit from a therapy that is both natural and innovative to help during the disease development, the survivors, and the ones affected by the new rapidly spreading variants. Recent studies suggest that COVID-19 will eventually resemble a common cold; consequently, its a spirited, enterprising and necessary that a treatment is available for patients to find their therapeutic, natural medication, on all shelves of any store in the same manner that patients find Nyquil or any over the counter remedy/medication when they fall ill from the influenza. As well as, for those that refuse to participate or accept the vaccine or the people that have been vaccinated and have become infected from one of the newer variants of the virus. Congruently, a recent study of  COVID-19 revealed there is a syndrome that appears as a conjunction of residual symptoms in patients with microbiological recovery from COVID‐19. “The studies show a cohort prevalence of residual symptoms around 35% among out‐patients, and 87% in hospitalized patients according to Halpin and colleagues and Carfìa and Colleagues” states Dr. Narella Rodriguez-Salamanca Clinical Epidemiologist with clinical Research experience for more than 18 years and who is CHNC’s staff medical director and medical expert. Therefore, we have to look beyond the disease and push for patient’s long-lasting wellbeing. Honestly, this type of treatment is a must for all 7-Elevens and Walgreens of the world.


For this reason, in our efforts to improve the health and quality of life of the general population, we have worked on a project to meet this global need that proposes the use of a Phytotherapy with Cannabinoids to attack the ravaging effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection. In consequence, we present a treatment model that includes as main components cannabinoid molecules such as XXX, XXX, XXX, and XXX, and other adjuvants with antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects, which symbiotically generate relief of symptoms and enhance the function of the patient's immune system. Taking into consideration that the COVID-19 pathophysiology, as common in a majority of viral infections, involves impaired adaptive immune responses and is responsible for tissue damage, this is precisely why we have worked on proper dosages of all products. In point of fact, our therapy intends to attack potential targets in the immunopathology and become a great weighing devise for the overall antiviral treatment. 


The phytotherapy hitherto stated will be estranged into three different treatments or Therapy Kits with dissimilar properties to attend to the signs and symptoms characteristic of each phase of the disease: The first kit consists of a solution to vaporize, syrup, and capsules, designed for patients diagnosed with COVID-19 who have mild or moderate symptoms in the first days of the infection, to prevent the patient from worsening and going to the second stage of the disease that generally begins on day 8, cataloged as the curse of the 8th day. The second presents an intravenous infusion, solution to vaporize and suppositories, and seeks to attend to the needs of critical patients after the 8th day, in the intensive care areas of clinical centers and hospitals with a high risk of mortality from infection. Finally, the third kit consists of sublingual drops and a vaporizing solution, it aims to improve the health and life quality recovery of patients in the convalescent phase during a one year administration period; since many of the subjects after contagion  have manifested various discomforts for prolonged periods, presenting sequelae of neuroinflammation, injured respiratory system and liver damage, as well as immune impairment, even after testing negative.


Our project primary function will challenge the testing, efficacy and safety of the phytotherapy, in addition to prove our empirical dose range, through a series of clinical studies. Our strategical plan is to conduct Phase I - Phase III Clinical Trials, with the initiation of our NDA Application and Protocols.  Phase I will consist of a group of 85 subjects, primarily testing the safety of our treatment. Phase II will consist of 225 subjects, testing the safety and efficacy of the treatment. Additionally, Phase III will consist of 400 subjects, focusing on the efficacy of the treatment with safety always being primary. At the completion of these clinical trials, the next objective is to start the manufacturing and international distribution of the treatment. We have distinguished the need for a COVID-19 therapy accessible and available over the counter to the average patient on the shelves of all pharmacies and stores around the world. Particularly, new patients, previously infected people that wish to boost their immune system to fight recurrence, non-vaccine believers, new strain infected groups, etc.   


The reason for which we are reaching out to you is purely because of your reputation and the altruistic spirit which your firm has demonstrated in improving the quality of life of millions. It would be a pleasure if you would accept to partner with us in this project. Nothing could give us a greater pleasure then counting with your scientific only, and/or financial support that united with our modernized human ingenuity will permit us to carry out this undertaking in the most compassionate manner and injected steroid speed. At the risk of being redundant, allow me to emphasize once more the fact that this natural therapy will synergize with a vaccine or any other treatment. Taking a step with us in this most promising research, will position our entities as the 800 pound gorilla of the scientific and medical field of alternative medication.

 Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


All my best,


Dante Picazo, CHA

President & CEO


214-733-0868 MB

817-528-2475 OF


Disclaimer: The content of this message is confidential and intellectual property of CHNC. It is forbidden to copy, forward, or in any way reveal the contents of this message to anyone. None of the information presented can be used in any way, unless specifically authorized by CHNC.

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