We encourage the rise of this emerging industry, understanding its crucial contributions to health, and the importance of educating the public about it. 
"The courses are very interesting and well structured. Learning with the experts' videos first and with the slide shows later is very simple. At the end you have the multiple-choice quiz directly on the platform and the certificate in record time. I would recommend it for sure." Raffaele, Spain

Pharmacology University is a company with over 12 years of experience in educational systems focused on medicinal cannabis. We were born in Texas and since then we face the challenge of transforming the social stigma of medicinal cannabis with the best tool in the world: Education.


To be a high-end/main provider of education in the medical cannabis industry allowing countries and states to understand the uses and benefits of the plant. We also wish to be a reference for countries or states that have legalized cannabis and a point of reference for those who wish to achieve it. In addition, we wish to foster entrepreneurship within the cannabis industry and promote access to medications for patients who, through medical prescription/recommendation, can make use of them. Additionally, to be an institution authorized by the local government to certify those who meet the training requirements in the different areas related to the cannabis industry; either in partnership with other educational institutions or independently.