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A letter from my desk…

Anne First of all I would like to thank each and every one of you for the success accomplished during this past promotion/month which brought us an increase in sales of our online education, newspaper, audiobooks and e-books of 39%. Additionally, kudos to the house of Martel for winning the first place twice in a row, thank you Katerin you really know how to make a difference.

1. Henry Lets you and I daily and hourly keep our eyes on the end of the audit of the year 2021-2022, we can not take our eyes off the ball so that we do not receive any sort of surprises. Furthermore, please keep in mind that this is our second year that will have audited financials. In consequence, as you well know upon completion of the 2022 audit, we will finally become a reporting company (a huge accomplishment for our firm). It seems that the audit is already complete and in my opinion the PCAOB firm would have to give us an answer hopefully no later than next week.

2. Jenny, Katerin, Anne and Daniela please submit the final proposal of the various types of diplomas with all their characteristics. I understand that we have developed specialized courses and diplomas by region and in different languages, offering a wide variety of current topics of the cannabis industry.

For the Spanish language, confirm if the course of medicine "Phytotherapy with Cannabis" includes 38 courses, 10 audiobooks, 10 eBooks and the editions of the magazine and if a price of $49 USD is the ultimate price decided on.

And for the other diplomas in Spanish such as "Cosmetics with Cannabis", "Applications of industrial hemp", "Regulation and business with cannabis: Colombia", "Strategies for cannabis businesses", "Cannabis Agriculture", "Veterinary uses of cannabis", "Cannabis biochemistry: extraction and manufacturing" and "Cannabis: health and well-being", is a price of $49 USD the final price? I also believe that we agreed that these graduates will have an average of between 10 and 17 courses, in addition to their 10 audiobooks, 10 e-books and editions of the digital magazine.

For English do we continue with a price of $49? I am referring to the Medical cannabis: certified continuous course which continues to include 10 e-books, 10 audiobooks and magazine editions.

Also please confirm if for this we have the "specialized course in cannabis benefits" of 8 courses with its 10 eBooks, 10 audiobooks and 10 editions of the magazine for

$49. Also, please clarify if this is the same price for the Portuguese "Integral Diploma: cannabis industry in Brazil" of 15 courses? and for the Italian "Cannabis: health and well-being" are the 8 courses still at $49 with their editions, e-books and audiobooks? As well as the VIP program for $99.

On the other hand, have you already developed the interactive chat for all the members of these diplomas and courses to create the networking network?

Do we also continue with our payment facilities of Bank of America, local banks of each country, PayPal, credit card and Zelle?

Is registration already enabled through our website for user ease?

3. Jenny, Katerin, Anne and Daniela when marketing please use the regional terms used for continuing education, so that you receive more acceptance at a regional level. For example, in Colombia and most of South America this type of courses that we offer are called diplomados, in the United States and Canada they are called Certificate Programs (CME continuous medical education – CLE continuous legal education), in Mexico they are called propedéuticos and in Argentina they are called diplomatura.

4. Henry and Dante talk to our colleagues in Israel to continue looking for help on our Twitter account.

5. Dante and Rhea schedule another meeting with Mr. Clark to continue navigating a possible business relationship with this group.

6. Dr. Nazareth and Mariana please continue working on further acquisition of CLINICAL STUDIES of COVID and/or virology. As you well know, we need to take advantage of the great number of clinical trials that are available at this time. At the risk of being redundant, let's get filthy rich on clinical trials predominantly because we are coming up on to the holiday season when the market completely dries out because sponsors do not want to add more clinical trials during the holiday season. Let’s not get left out in the cold.

7. Dr. Rhea and Ms. Pamela congratulations to you on starting to work on our own medical internal audits, taking into account and thinking that if the FDA would ever visit us, we will be in 100% compliance with nothing out of place and all our ducts in order. Also, please send Henry and I a graded complete final report, I have a feeling that the first grade will not be as pretty as we want it to be. Nevertheless, we have to continue to achieve a 95-100 score, nothing less that that can possibly be acceptable. Unfortunately, I was busy the day of the medical inspection but from now on I will make myself available for our next monthly inspections.

8. Dante, Pamela and Dr. Rhea schedule an appointment with Byron immediately to talk about everything related to sleep studies.

9. Daniela: Continue to monitor the universities. At UTB the students who wish to participate in the diploma program, and the documentation required for the payment of teachers and scheduling of outings to cultivation are finished enrolling. With Tadeo be aware of the response to the communication sent, payment of the teachers and final payment of the agreement.

10. Jennifer: Together with Vanessa and Brallan deliver this week the 23 promised courses in 10 languages for our Germany artificial intelligence platform/partners. As well, make sure that we are offering on our very own platform our very own diplomados/certificate courses/diplomatura/propaedeutics in all 15 languages on our CHNC website. If I am not mistaken, during this next month (third promotion) we will be heavily concentrating in the countries of Israel, Spain, United States and Canada.

11. Leidy: Please hire a new human resources director so that you can become our new director of sales for the company.

12. Maria Jose, please focus on ways to daily track the EPA of all colleagues (effectiveness, production and attitude), Benchmarks project, make sure you have colleagues review daily information shared in both PU Musik groups and lead the company's new sales team until Leidy gets properly trained.

13. Katerin please discuss with Dante when our rebuilt website is going to be finished, so that we can finish that project and be able to dedicate ourselves with Mariam to update our app (application) for the magazine, ALPHA and online education.

14. Katerin and Anne: Please inform Maria José in detail of the new projects she will be in charge of, such as: the benchmarking project, leading a new sales team, evaluating the performance of colleagues using the EPA methodology and daily monitoring that colleagues review the information provided in the PU Musik groups.

15. Anne, Katerin, Jenny, Daniela and Maria José Please don’t forget that we have to conduct a well-organized sales training seminar Monday the first (today) so that our colleagues/sales force can properly understand our many new medical training courses. As you well know, a correctly trained staff will always perform at a much higher level. Particularly, because we are compulsively looking for a 25% increase from our last promotion.

In conclusion, it is incredibly important that all of us understand the mission, we cannot fail and/or take steps back. During the last two months, you all have now tasted success twice and brought our company from a production company to a sales institution rather quickly. Although our numbers will continue to look better, I must tell you the month of July was the best sales month of the year. As a matter of fact, the revenues generated in July were greater than the previous six months combined, particularly in the area of the clinical trials where we achieved 645% increase from the average month’s sales for the last six months (kudos to Pamela and Dr. Rhea for their excellence and leadership). This increase in sales is starting to be felt in every area and product of the company, but this must become a habit. Rest assured that I will continue to be there to support you, understand you and reward you, but our relationship must be built on reciprocity; whereby, I will expect nothing but excellence and determination from each of you. I look forward to the end of this next promotion with an expectancy of our educational products increase of revenues of no less than 25%.

All my best,

Dante Picazo



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