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From the CEO's Desk

Dear colleagues (employees),

It is with great pleasure that I take a moment out of my day to say congratulations. Our sales contest just ended a few days ago and the numbers are in. We also accomplished a great portion of the benchmarking goals that we planned at the beginning when we were setting up the parameters for our project. Actually, our sales did go up by 2634% percent. If you remember, we discussed that this wasn’t going to be more than a couple of steps in a journey of a thousand miles. Nevertheless, you guys worked hard, you got the project to materialize and it was most definitely a great beginning, a complete and much needed paradigm shift.

At any rate, I would like to say thank you to Katerin, thank you for a job well done!!! As all of you know, Katerin single-handedly sold more memberships than the rest of the company members combined. Once more, kudos to Katerin and thank you for having become such a precious commodity to our firm. As Napoleon once said, “give me two Katerins (Morelos) and I shall conquer the world”.

On a different note, understanding the concept that our success needs to be a journey and not a destination, the following, in no order of importance, needs to be the immediate priorities of our company:

1. Majo, please make sure that our new promotion starts today. And while we understand that we have doubled our price for our promotional packages, I truly believe that we will be equally successful, if not better, than last month; solely because we are better trained, we understand the concept in its entirety and because we have planted a great number of seeds. Of course, you and I need to have daily meetings to continue to motivate our partners (employees).

2. Majo, please make sure that Dr Nazareth and Rosangel are added to the conception portion of the marketing and graphic design team so that we can have better targeted content when trying to recruit our patients. Please add Hamid or Oraib zas a member to our Alpha marketing team. As discussed, our Houston community is filthy rich, with a huge amount of Arabic residents which could benefit tremendously from participating in our clinical trials. I know we could be the only clinic that is marketing to this abundant and great sector of the Houston community.

3. Anne and Maria José, please continue to try to collect the long overdue payment from our university partners. While I understand that universities are slow to pay, let’s try to be a bit more diligent in trying to collect this money at your earliest convenience. Anne, please review all documents of our freshly baked employee’s incentive and stock option plan. Although this was drafted by our securities attorney law firm, please make sure you review it carefully. All notations need to be completed on the margin of each page so that we can send it back to Barry for execution of corrections and approvals.

4. Henry, since our accounting nightmare -thank God- has ended due to Marissa’s arrival, please make sure that all our accounting reports are completed and turned in so that Jorge CPA, Marissa CPA, Shakeira CPA, Miss Pamela, our accounting supervisor, and you and I can solicit and request an immediate approval from the PCAOB firm. As a matter of fact, I am about to write a letter for the same purpose today and I will copy you and the rest of the team.

5. Henry, since our three-quarter review will be final any second, let’s all of us get together to talk about the two-week-old end of the fourth quarter. If you could please set up a meeting to discuss the end of the year and fourth-quarter submission to the OTC for this coming Monday, so that we can finally be way ahead of time with our accounting reporting. Henry, thank you for all your hard work during these last two years and for somehow, properly and legally, connecting the dots of our fifteen-year accounting nightmare.

6. Leidy, please continue to hire for additional freelance/commission sales managers. We need to continue to build on the sales momentum that we are experiencing and that we were able to achieve during this last month.

7. Katerin, once more, thank you for enlisting us as a verified brand RangeMe America so that we can be able to deliver business submissions to 15,000 companies operating in the USA and Canada to present our educational products via access cards/gift cards. Please let me know of any help that we can provide, particularly since we know qualifying to be part of 15.000 companies such as Whole Foods, CVS, HEB, Best Buy, and boutiques stores, will be tedious and time-consuming, but if anybody can do it, it’s you. Once more, let me know if you need any more help. I suspect that this is probably going to take you a minimum of three months. To endure the scrutiny of so many national firms is going to be complex but in the same breath, we all know this could create a healthy revenue-generating center for our company. The sustainable competitive advantage lies in the fact that we can categorize this type of revenue as “FOUND money”, simply because we already have the materials.

8. Jenny, please continue to have discussions with the marketing team to advertise and strongly market our Germany alliance/partnership (Alugha). More to the point, I would only start to market our educational products in the 10 most popular languages in Canada, the US, Central and South America, which pretty much is also going to involve Europe and Asia, meaning Spanish, English, Portuguese, Mandarin, French, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi, and German. Discuss pricing and methodology with Katerin, Anne and Majo; predominantly because we are not going to be advertising our promotional package. Instead, we will be advertising our education in 15 different languages. Please get back to me with a structured and complete marketing proposal by Tuesday June 21st .

9. Marianna, please make sure that we welcome Hamid or Oreib to Alpha’s marketing team with the proper training, understanding of the medical protocols, patient communication scheduling methodology, introduction to being co-research staff, etc. We truly need to make sure that he or she feels comfortable so that he or she can become efficient and productive like the other members of the patient’s recruiting team, particularly because we need to make sure that we understand the demographics and psychographics of the Arabic Houston population. At the risk of being redundant, I truly believe that this market is a sleeping giant that we need to awaken.

10. Dr. Rhea, please get back to me at your earliest convenience so that we can schedule ourselves to meet at Dr. Gonzalez’s office to transfer medical equipment to Dr. Berberian’s office, when the new member of CRC team Miss. Diaz starts working, if I’m not mistaken, this is next Wednesday June 22nd.

11. Dr. Rhea, please make sure to keep me updated on the doctor that we just recruited to work out of the office with Dr. Teddy. If I’m not mistaken, he starts this coming Monday the 20th. In addition, please let me know of how many and which are the medical trials that you want him to be in charge of. Jenny and Maria José, please let me know the outcome of the security software needed to continue to protect our intellectual property.

12. Jenny and Daniela, please let me know whenever you are ready to promote the Houston Medical Cannabis Seminar, I have a couple of ideas that could allow us to recruit professionals of the medical industry. As discussed, we need to make this seminar successful so that we can replicate it quickly in the San Antonio and Austin area.

13. Miss Pamela, please schedule a teleconference meeting with Byron regarding the Sleep Center. Let me know the date and time so that I can participate.

14. Dr. Rhea, please buy your infrared machine so that we can try not to risk any more of the people willing to donate blood. There are several such as VeinViewer and Accuview and from $629 to $1200. Please decide which unit is best for us to use and purchase it.

15. Dr. Rhea, please send me the list of 7 members we need to create our own CRO. We have the necessary staff to create the CRO and can easily register a new corporation. This would be a great addition and allow a new revenue stream to our company.

16. Henry let’s you and I try to talk to John tomorrow regarding a conversation with our celebrity endorsement.

17. Also, everybody be ready for our shareholder meeting on July 13, 2022 at 1:30 Pacific time. with the Discord group.

18. As an international company we find it’s important to seek celebrity representation in multiple areas and are working to secure not only North America but also Latin America, and the Asian continent. When doing business in over 109 countries and billions of potential clients, CHNC is uniquely positioned to grow. Henry, you and I need to continue reach out to our potential celebrities to insure we secure the necessary representation we deserve.

19. Mariana get ready for an uptick in patients because we spoke with one of the sponsors and thanks to your success, we have been receiving 60% of their pediatric patient kits. So, stay sharp as we are negotiating on even more pediatric patient studies as we speak.

In conclusion, thank you for your indomitable esprit de corps and let’s go conquer our next challenge! We need to make sure that our sales effort becomes a habit, because our habits are who we are. Let’s be like Katerin, that last month she created hundreds of strategies only to have a few of those materialized, but it was in that small number of opportunities where she found success and greatness. No excuses, we must learn and acquire Katerin’s business ethics, and you will find that that kind of spirit will bring triumph to CHNC. I promise you that it’s all a numbers game and that “no” only means “not right now” and that it translates into a “yes” when we send the next message. Thanks to each and every one of you for helping us increase revenues. As well, and as an FYI, allow me to tell you that it sure is good to feel that at the same time, our State and Federal accounting is finally in great hands, that our clinic has never -never- been so productive, that our education it’s finding its way to the conversion of revenues, that our sleep center is finally starting to walk, that CHNC is being discussed with multiple sponsors, but most importantly, that we can now upgrade our company without having to put out fires every day. Especially because now that we have our house-keeping matters in order, we will be able to file our registration for a name change in an incredibly reasonable time frame for better short and long- term positive results.

All my best,

Dante Picazo

President & CEO


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