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From the CEO's Desk

Dear colleagues (staff),

Once again, I want to take the time to thank each and every one of you for the progress and paradigm shift that we were able to enjoy during the month of June. Particularly, now that we are starting to be able to leave behind (hopefully forever) our horrible accounting situation, I honestly am starting to feel that our accounting issues can barely be seen in our rearview mirror.

Therefore, July brings us a great number of challenges that we need to be able to tackle. Let’s focus, concentrate and conquer. As anticipated, during our first month sales effort we lost about 25% of our staff but those of us that stayed performed efficiently and were able to quickly regroup and did not miss a beat. For that I must congratulate each and every one of you because we got leaner and better quickly.

Therefore, to continue with our momentum, the following, in no order of importance, need to be the immediate priorities of our company.

Dr. Rhea,

  • Thank you for meeting with me and our Dr. from Katy, Texas. I enjoyed the meeting, but most importantly enjoyed seeing you negotiate with the Dr. on behalf of our company and I must say I was impressed with the way you handled the negotiations. Needless to say, we have two clinical trials with him and let’s see what happens with these next two that we want to present to him. At that point, we’ll determine what we have to do with his percentages; I will be looking at the numbers and you concentrate on the relationship please. I suspect that we can visit this transaction in about a month from now, once we can intelligently have the right data to negotiate prudently.

  • More to the point, only to try to be incredibly cautious, why don’t we agree on having two doctors per study at all times as long as possible. Honestly, I think it’s much much safer and that will also allow us to increase the number of patients per study. If you can, and when possible, please try to work with our East Houston and Baybrook doctors. As you well know, I know them well and they tell me that you have built a magnificent relationship with both of them and they are very fond of you.

  • Please let me know if you want me to call our Baybrook doctor so he can find us a nephrologist or if you want to do that. I know that you’re staying incredibly busy so I have no problem making the call. Please advise ASAP.

  • I spoke with Angelica and she is preparing her resumé for the possible position in Katy, Texas and I’ll forward it to you as soon as I have it. Please let me know if the RN that you and Ms. Pamela interviewed last week is going to be accepting the position and/or if we are still looking for another colleague to office out of the East Houston clinic.

  • On a different note, please keep trying to collect the two smaller invoices from the pharmaceutical companies that owe us money. As you well know, these small balances have been lingering way too long. I know that you are incredibly stubborn (persistent). I trust you will be successful simply because if anybody can do it it’s you.

  • In addition, see if you can guide Dr. Nazareth or if you can find another company that can give us another clinical trial because although it is a great problem to have, we seem to be running out of kits way too frequently and having more kits available is only going to increase our revenues. Thank you.

Ms. Pamela,

  • I sent a letter to our PCAOB, since I know she is stranded/quarantined in Spain for testing positive for COVID-19. Consequently, I requested ticket #1 so that she can put us first place before all of her other clients as soon as she returns to Houston, obviously, we need her to stamp the first three quarters review so that we can file our registration for the name change. Upon Shakeria’s return please convey the idea of a meeting with the PCAOB as long as her health permits no later than this coming Friday, July 1st. Otherwise, it goes into the holiday and as usual, we fall behind one more week. Hopefully that is not going to be the case, again.

  • I put in a couple of calls to Lashonda (the clinical trials consultant) and I didn’t get a response. Please remind me to call her this coming Thursday, June 30th in a conference call with you and Henry joining me. I’ll make sure that she will be expecting our call.

  • We need to have a conference call with Byron to continue to discuss the introduction to his group of doctors. Via copy of this communique, I am requesting Henry to set up a meeting with Doug, and you and I can meet with Byron.

María José,

  • Thanks for the great sales training session from Thursday. It was indeed both helpful and necessary. However, let’s stay on top of our sales efforts on a daily, hourly and minute basis. I know that our new campaign in which we increased/doubled the price has started on a positive note. Nevertheless, we truly need this program to be on steroids, we cannot accept going well instead our subscriptions have got to come in with much higher volume. I trust that you will be able to create this success. I will be looking at the numbers several times a day, and please do the same as well, so that we can discuss it daily, measure results and reinvent our strategies to try to meet our financial goals.

  • Please create a detailed report of all the distributors we are talking to so we can have a very precise follow-up of the progress of this second promotion, we need to close those sales as soon as possible. We also need a detailed report of the progress that was made in the last promotion with all the information about the set up of the project along with the sales and profits made and the distributors that became part of our educational package.

  • Talk to the distributor in Spain by Wednesday, June 29th, and generate a strong line of negotiation. Remind them that they may be granted exclusivity as distributors in the Spanish territory, however, just as we are going to close a door to the Spanish open market, we are also going to have clear demands from our side. We need to make it clear that an exclusivity agreement comes with a territory of infinite negotiation and sales possibilities and that the sales volume must be comparable to the request being made. It must have the following requirements and if it fails to meet these goals, the distributor must be immediately relieved of the exclusivity:

  1. To be considered a distributor, you must purchase a minimum of 50 educational packages.

  2. You will be given exclusivity as a distributor in Spain under the guarantee that MedCann will sell a minimum of 150 educational packages per month.

  3. The terms will be established in an agreement which will be subject to review every month to determine if the conditions are met to continue with the exclusivity given.


  • I need to have Alibert and Valeria working with me to directly send letters to our list of celebrities on a daily basis. As well, we need to go back to sending our daily efforts/letters to the pharmaceutical companies for a possible alliance. Predominantly now that we don’t have to be distracted with our financial reports, we must take a strong action plan to generate sales, and partnerships with strong players in the cannabis industry and the hundreds and hundreds of pharmaceutical companies that can possibly partner with us on cannabis clinical trials. Please have Rosangel train Alibert immediately. I honestly need to send a minimum of 50 letters every week, 25 to celebrities/sponsors and 25 to pharmaceutical companies. The introductory letters have already been written and Dr. Nazareth and Marianna are in possession of the list of the hundreds of pharmaceutical companies as well as the names of the directors that we can be sending this letter to. Needless to say, a relationship with a great sponsor or pharmaceutical company could bring so much exposure to our company that it can literally change our life.

  • Please try to talk to the doctor in the Guadalajara, Mexico area and try to investigate if we are going to be able to work with her to create our relationship with the universities in Mexico, otherwise, we need to do it ourselves. Please let me know as soon as you talk to her so that we can make an immediate decision, no reason to prolong our progress.

  • Follow-up with interested students (UTB) must be completed to fulfill the minimum number of participants required. Elseways, we cannot afford to spend 3 or 4 months without the usual and proper expected bottom line.

  • Ask the University (UTADEO) about the fee sent for the 20% payment owed to Pharmacology. Meet with the University today to arrange this payment.

  • Follow up with the accounting department for the pending payments of the invoice of 150 USD per student for the use of the platform (ICESI). Speak with Victor in the accounting area. Follow up on the total payment of the utilities, having already approved the invoices issued.

Leidy, Daniela, Nicole, and Ana,

  • Please contact the 19 new leads that came out of the paid campaigns (UTB). Let’s try to convert the leads into paying students. Those leads only come to us if people are genuinely interested. Honestly, we should expect a healthy percentage of conversions.


  • Please tell me if you were able to place the new lawyer that we hired in Alpha’s group. As you know, we have to reinforce our marketing and sales efforts in the Houston area to include English speaking patients.


  • Please let me know, if Oraib is adapting well to working with the Arab community in Houston. Evidently, she is enjoying some success. I will be personally calling her to congratulate her for having brought to our clinic the first Arab speaking patient. At the risk of being redundant, since we don’t have to spend most of our days dealing with horrible accounting I know for a fact that this first Aran speaking patient is nothing but the face of progress and is only the beginning of many to come. I must tell you Marianna that though it is only one patient, this is probably the best single accomplishment that our company has had since its inception. At least today, I feel like that. Please, stay consistent if we can have English speaking patients, Spanish speaking patients (the way we have had) and now adding the Arab community traffic will probably double or triple our sales. I cannot say it enough, please stay with it.

  • Continue to work on the potential alliance with the Crohn's patient foundation and define what the next step will be. This will open up exposure to more than +10,000 patients and will represent a great benefit to our current clinical studies. Please accept my gratitude for your hard work and great successes during the month of June. Your diligence is reconstructing Alpha to levels that we have not experienced in the past. However, July cannot be any different. Thank you again.

  • In the same breath, I want to thank Dr. Rhea, Ms. Pamela and the team for fantastic execution during the month of June as well.


  • Strengthen communications with all sponsors in the negotiation process to bring new clinical trials. Our goal at the end of the year should be 20 active GOOD QUALITY studies.

Marianna, Yolanda, Eglee and Oraib,

  • Our number of patients per month continues to increase. Keep working on your recruitment strategies and support the new colleague in charge of advertising to the Arab market. SHE MUST BE PERFECTLY TRAINED.


  • Continue training to make our advertising and promotions to the Arab public optimal and effective. The goal is to establish ourselves in this market, in the coming weeks we should schedule at least 20 - 25 additional appointments to those already made.

Marianna and Cecilia,

  • Focus on training Cecilia for administrative processes in Alpha and providing support to the Houston staff.

Nazareth, Rosangel, Rosimar and Juliana,

  • Define paid advertising for Alpha. Deliver this week appropriate and immediate ready to use posts on sample collection as well as 3 additional proposals for review and comments.


  • Follow up on the preparation of the diplomas that the university (UTADEO) should have ready for the students so that they can be sent once the course is completed.

  • Follow up with the marketing area of the University (ICESI) on what additional information they require to complete the website registration no later than by July 11. Please keep me informed if you have any difficulties with this task.


  • Please send us the action plan that is being developed to start the solicitation to be suppliers in the stores and companies listed on RANGE.ME.

I understand that you had a meeting this week with our account advisor and received suggestions to find a suitable category for the sale of access cards and to expand the description of both the brand and the product. Likewise, if I am not mistaken, the advisor mentioned that "CBD Oil" is one of the most searched categories in RANGE.ME and although our educational product is not only CBD, surely you will know how to take advantage of this need which is also targeting the cannabis markets.

I am confident that you will take the appropriate actions to begin the process of expanding our products and have results in the coming weeks. To follow up properly, please send us in detail the list of buyers you have selected to start the application process. You must follow the strategies, ideas, and suggestions that the RANGE.ME advisor has given you because as we can see in the pages of major stores like CVS, the process to acquire new products is mainly determined by an excellent profile represented by RANGE.ME.

There you have it my friends, let’s get to work, let’s get it done!!

Dante Picazo,


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