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Shareholder call: Speech-to-text & Recording

*The speech-to-text was made from the recording of the July 13 shareholder call.

*The call started a few minutes before our recording began, which is why the transcript of the recording starts at 00:00:00 without the call introduction. We use the speech-to-text source sent by Unicorn Snipers to show the call introduction.

Jeff: Yeah, let's just right on time. Just just arrive since it was for 1:30 if you don't mind.

Dante: No, no, no we'll wait as long as we have to I just want to let…

Jeff: a few stragglers time to come in since it was for 1:30. Let's just give it time to sign on and then start just in two more minutes here. I know there's still still people jumping in the rooms as I speak. I can see more people jumping in so

Dante: you're the boss. Let us know when we're ready.

Jeff: No problem. Thank you.

Jeff: Mhm. Okay. I think that's probably close enough. I mean we're a minute off, but let's go with that. I'd like to welcome everybody today to CHNC Shareholder call broadcast on the unicorn snipers discord. Um Today we welcome Dante Picasso um CEO of CHNC. Um and his team.

Jeff: I'd like to open open this up to at this point to Dante um for any opening statements and introductions he'd like to make.

Dante: Yeah, I just want to thank each and everyone, each and every one of the members of the group for attending this call. It's definitely a pleasure to talk about our business affairs, current future and there's some information that we cannot discuss. Obviously most of you know why we're a public company and we are slaves to the laws of the OTC security and change commission and we're going through an audit.

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00:00:00 Dante: Excuse me.

00:00:01 Dante: We're going through an audit right now, so we're under the loop, but I will try to be as transparent as we can possibly be, and again. Once more. Thank you for talking to us, thank you for your support and thanks for everything you have done for us. Go ahead, Jeff.

00:00:20 Jeff: There are a lot of new shareholders and we also plan rebroadcasting this. So, if you can, can you give a brief timeline history of the company since you started and took it over?

00:00:39 Dante: Yeah, Henry it's been two and a half years by now? Or two years? Two and a half years.

00:00:46 Henry: Two and a half.

00:00:49 Dante: Two and a half since we took over the management of the company and we got in pretty sheep Jeff, so we knew that his company needed to be dust off, and that's what we have done. We cleaned the company all the way from operations to , to the design of the company, to the methodology, the culture. So, we have spent two and a half years, as everybody knows. Mostly everybody knows, working on our numbers, the company had never ever have intended to do or never did audit accounting, and we were able to do that, I mean we actually had through undergo a 15 years of scrutiny, 13 and a half, which we had nothing to do with the company but somehow we figured it out: our lawyers, our accountants, spent a tremendous amount of time and our staff. And we were able to conquer that, now we're current on our numbers. A couple of days ago we just got a proof for our last three financial quarters, which allow us to do a registration for a name change. Most of you know that has been a consistent situation. Not many people wanted to be associated with the ex-China many thousands of companies that were opened in the United States, with very little transparency. So, we were able to get to this point, we will be filing a registration for the name change and continue to focus on our operations.

00:02:44 Jeff: That's excellent, Dante. I'd like to kind of start with some bit of interview portion of the call here, if you don't mind, and I'd kind of like to start with the cannabis portion of your company. It's a very, very near and dear part of the company to my heart, as it's affected my life personally. Can you talk to us a little bit about your company's journey toward legalization on a state, federal, in fact even global level.

00:03:11 Dante: Of course. We have been dealing with governments, countries, many states in the USA. We actually took a complete role of the legalization of cannabis in Puerto Rico. We have been lobbying for better laws in the state of Texas, with our education, we have traveled. We have traveled the entire country, really, literally: Chicago, California, Texas. Henry, go ahead!

00:03:50 Henry: Missouri.

00:03:51 Dante: Missouri, Oklahoma, Miami, or Florida, I mean, we have been everywhere, and we lobby so that people can have better laws, better access to medication, and we have been very active in countries like Argentina, Mexico, Colombia. Now we're working with Venezuela, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, one of our latest projects UK, South Africa. We just have you know, we're an international company, so the interest of advancing education and better laws in the world, it's a big priority of the company which just don't work in the United States. We're an international company and we have been able to penetrate as many as 150 different countries. You know, our education, via one of our partners in Germany allows us to educate the world in 100 different languages and the system it's not that simple, but it's as simple as when you're watching Netflix, you can select the subtitles in whichever language you want, and then, if you want to hear the flavor of the English language or you want to understand it more, or practice, or maybe you understand it perfectly and you just want to have choices. So, then you just click on that and instantly it translates into a completely different language. And that's how our partners in Germany are working with our products. As a matter of fact, they're not as popular in America. So, now we're going to start promoting them. Now that we have ample inventory, we're going to start promoting them mainly the United States and Central and South America, so, that many people, from many countries, can access our education and new discoveries in regard to how or what are the palliative forces power of the endocannabinoid in the body. So, we're going to discuss this extensively, you know, you just you have more questions about this.

00:06:27 Jeff: Yeah, we did, yeah. So, on that note, have you filed any state or federal applications for cannabis research?

00:06:40 Dante: Yes. We actually, Henry filed one from the state-level and we have been in contact with the state of Texas. And Henry, can you elaborate on that a little bit, please.

00:06:53 Henry: Yes. Well, actually, it was September of last year that they finally opened up for research in Texas and unfortunately due, to the research they had to have a compassionate use IRB and they are supposed to have at least three of them available. However, like you did with the dispensaries, they may only have one and it hasn't been. It has to be associated with one of the growers, of which there are only two, actually active here in Texas, and I've already contacted both of them to see if they have an IRB and they're not sure if they have anybody. I actually talked to the state and the state didn't know what I was talking about. So, we're actually working with them to see if they have an IRB because once they have the IRB, we can actually present a program to them for research.

00:08:00 Jeff: Ok.

00:08:08 Dante: So, in other words, Jeff, at the federal level or the state level is still very primitive. However, we keep trying and we want, or we have a front row seat so that the minute that this license has come available, we're going to definitely get one. But we're working on it, again, it's a slow process. And all we can do is keep checking, keep checking, keep checking. But we're definitely working on it. We have submitted our applications, state and federal.

00:08:40 Henry: We did submit the federal one or protocol that we had for collecting data from patients so that we could determine the effects of cannabis on their, on their bodies through their fertilizers, through a blood test, and urine analysis and the federal government got back to me, said: well, since you're not actually handling the product, you don't need a license for this. You can go ahead and do it. As long as you're not handling product, then you can go ahead and do your protocol.

00:09:18 Dante: And the only, the only thing about that is that, yes, we have the word of the federal government and then the state of Texas when we start doing something like that. They want to show their muscle and interfere with the study. So, we're definitely working with the local state office so that we can get the blessing from both federal and state, at that point, we are prepared. We are totally prepared. We have the theory in place, the protocol, the methodology to conduct the studies: how many patients, of what ages, what elements are we going to accept them, with cancer, multiple sclerosis, asthma. So, it's going to be a great study. You know, we're really waiting for the green light.

00:10:15 Jeff: All right, can you talk about how many different products you are currently in different stages of development and when we might possibly see a future for those?

00:10:31 Dante: Yes, Rosangel could you please be kind enough to explain to the group some of the medications that you're working with, and you know, let's just call him whatever people want to call the medication, nutraceuticals, vitamins. Depends on which country, which state, and we just have to very careful with our language. For all practical purposes your answer will be responded to just keep in mind that we truly believe that cannabis is a medication, so that's what we represent. Rosangel, can you hear me?

00:11:12 Rosangel: Yes, do you hear me?

00:11:16 Dante: Yes, why don't you do me a favor and start talking about one of the last completed publications, the collagen, for example.

00:11:23 Roseangel: Sure. So, one of the latest research slash products that we have come up with includes a product line of collagen and cannabis not only from the cosmetic side but also from the medical side. From the cosmetic side, yes, we have a lot of creams and vitamin supplements that we believe could help people not only from an aesthetic point of view but also medically and help improve their quality of life. And from the medical side there's a lot of people that are born with collagen deficiencies and that can’t produce collagen. Collagen is basically the glue that keeps our tissues and organs together. So, if we have problem producing collagen, we're going to have a lot of problems in all of those tissues and organs. So, one of our latest research is about how.

00:12:27 Dante: Hang on a second, tell me what kind of problems for these, please Rosangel, and the children that experience this? Can you explain this a little more extensively, please?

00:12:41 Rosangel: Sure. So, for example, there's a pathology called osteogenesis imperfecta where kids can not produce collagen, and what happens with these kids most of the time is that they're always breaking a bone, there's always some fractures and they can have another type of symptoms, such as hearing impairment. They can have malformations that could threaten their lives from respiratory and also cardiovascular side. So, from that, they could like serious complications from this disease.

00:13:18 Dante: Thank you. And that Jeff is a real problem because the medical system., when you have a child that has this type of illness, it is so expensive, and it is so bureaucratic. And through our formulations we can discover that honestly nontraditional medication, it really helps these people and that's what our mantra, that's what our beliefs are. So we keep doing in-depth studies on how again cannabis works in the human body with the endocannabinoid system. Go ahead Rosangel

00:14:04 Rosangel: Sure. So, evidence has pointed out that cannabis does have, for example, we know the endocannabinoid system and that the endocannabinoid system is made of receptors and also cannabinoids and endocannabinoids. So, we know that there are receptors in the bone tissue and from that we also know that cannabis has been used for osteoporotic therapies, for example. So, we are trying to do this research in these clinical trials to know if we could help these kids to have a better quality of life using cannabis.

00:14:43 Dante: Yeah, and what about cancer. Where are we with that Rosangel?

00:14:50 Rosangel: Sure, so, there has been an extensive research about the properties or the antitumoral properties of some cannabinoids and we also want to know how we could not only help treat cancer but also lower the risk of developing cancer throughout different clinical trials.

00:15:13 Dante: Yeah, but who are the population that is most affected by cancer right now?

00:15:22 Rosangel: Well, certainly older people, I mean life expectancy has a lot to do with the incidents of cancer. We now have a lot of more cancer cases than we did before and it's because before, you know, we have all these medical care in probation, we were living up to 30 years and that's it. We now have a life expectancy of 70 to 80 years. So, you know, as we keep getting older, we are more exposed to risk factors and, also, like the mechanisms that our body has to combat cancer, are way less efficient, so that's why we have a lot of higher incidences of cancer when we get older.

00:16:17 Dante: Thank you so much Rosangel, for all of you that have not met Rosangel in the past, she's a medical student, fifth year, I believe, in the University of Caracas, Venezuela, but she's a super achiever. Rosangel corrects every doctor that works for us, every person that comes into our company, and she is the final word in medicine for us, and she's an amazing person, an amazing scientist, and we're very proud to have her. Jeff, what it is, this is very important for us because you know, we spend a lifetime working and then we retire because we're and those last 5-10 years we're going to spend you know, doing chemotherapy or not having the quality of life that we deserve, and this type of statistics show up on a daily basis. For governments, for medical institutions, the bureaucracy is just enormous, enormous. So definitely CHNC is looking at the areas that people are not taking care of, that they don't have a quality of life. And we cannot allow that to happen. I know that we're all shareholders and we want to see our stock price increase, and definitely everybody would deserve that, and we work on a daily basis to create the highest return on anybody's investment. However, we're focusing on the ball. If we're in a game of tennis, we do look at the scoreboard, but we also know that the scoreboard is only going to change if we play the game right, if we focus on the ball, if we return it, if we're agile. If we spend the right time doing research, and that's where Rosangel and the rest of the doctors in our company, we spent a tremendous amount of time talking about that. Our company is not, if we're going to make it, our company's not, you know, are they going to be around for us every day? Is just a matter of time, and we continue to make progress, our company has legs. As most of you know we've been together for this honestly with you guys, about a year and a half at the very beginning, we couldn't even pay attention to social media or any other of the groups, we were just cleaning the company. It was a horrible legal disaster. It was a horrible situation. So, we had to build from scratch, and we're very proud. We got attacked by COVID, everybody knows, and we reconstruct it ourselves. That's the matter in which we work, and we apply that to each and every area of our company, our media, our work in communicating with the world. It's pretty much the same have a specific culture because when we deal with people from Israel, when we deal with people from Nigeria, when we deal with people from Argentina, we have to adjust, but the fundamentals are still the same. It's our heart that drives us, that allows us to continue with this journey and we are being noticed. We are being so completely noticed. We get calls from all parts of the world. So, in us, all time is of the essence but at the same time, we got to let the process work out. Go ahead, Jeff.

00:20:12 Jeff: So, we talked earlier about how you translate all your current literature into different languages. So that's using your AI platform for your partner in Germany, and that has the potential to reach billions of clients worldwide. As you mentioned, you have reached 100 and 50 countries. How do you plan to grow this over in the coming years to expand on your sales?

00:20:38 Dante: Well, organically and through specific promotions, specific strategies, and specific plans. As a matter of fact, we just created a worldwide promotion and we're doing really well. We have actually expanded in the last month and a half, so many are countries that are actually becoming distributors of our product, and can you elaborate on that Anne, please?

00:21:14 Anne: Yes. So, to further explain as Mr. Dante was saying, the way that we're working this organically and how we're trying to have, you know, a wider grasp. We have, as you know, all of our courses and our online education is currently available directly in our five different languages, but also while working with companies, the German company like luga, where we have the possibility to translate this into simultaneously other languages and also subtitle it. We now have a much further grasp basically every, you know, part of the world that is interested in online education that is related with cannabis. Our current promotion that we're handling at the moment. We are basically having this approach where, you know, everyone who has a desire to educate themselves on cannabis can do it through our platforms. We're also working with a group of distributors around the world where they will help us reach bigger numbers. We have distributors here in Latin America and countries like Colombia and Venezuela. We also have distributors in Ecuador, Mexico, in the United States, in New York, we have distributors in Canada. We are, you know, we're trying to allow people, as many people as we can, to have access to this incredible academic work that we've done throughout the years with, you know, all these different experts in their own field and with these new technological tools we can expand into different languages, we can reach them through different platforms. We have all for our distributors, you know, landing pages where they're already their base, their customer base can directly go and see our products and their own products, and how we can bundle education with other services that are provided within the industry. Already their base, their customer base, can directly go and see our products and their own products and how we can bundle education with other services that are provided within the industry.

00:23:22 Anne: And can you do me a favor? Can you be incredibly specific in which areas we have actually acquired so that people can distribute our products in cities and countries in the United States? Can you do a list of them?

00:23:38 Anne: Yes, of course, so we have Argentina, we have Brazil, we have Canada, we have Colombia, we have Costa Rica, we have Ecuador, we have Mexico, we have Peru, we have Spain, the United Kingdom, Atlanta in the United States, Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania, New York, Houston, Illinois, Fort Worth, Dallas and, of course, the country of Venezuela. So that is the list of where we currently have disturbers.

00:24:09 Dante: Did you mention Chicago?

00:24:11 Anne: I did not mention Chicago.

00:24:12 Dante: Yeah, Chicago, Canada and Jeff, these relations have been created in the last 90 days. No, no, in the last 45 days.

00:24:27 Jeff: Wonderful.

00:24:32 Dante: So, our efforts are enormous, enormous, and we compete within our very own company. We have a way to use emotional intelligence and emotional marketing. So that we can get to people's hearts, so that we can get to people culture, so that they can understand us, so that the people from India, so that we can understand them. And we're really marketing to such a wide variety of people, cultures. Marketing used to be based on demographics, okay. There was traditional marketing and now it's more important of psychographic because, you know, religion is very important on how to talk, how we talk to people, when we talk to them with the proper respect, with proper language, with the way that they live and believe and study, spend their money and psychographics like, for example, a member of the LGBT community before it was: do you want to buy Alexis? You have to be in this income. You want to do this? This has to be your income, or this is where you live or something like that, and now the psychographics, a member of the LGBT community and be very wealthy or their awards. So, this is where we're getting to the heart of the people as a matter of fact, I was congratulating Katerin and Juliana, our graphic design, graphic concept team because I saw the first graphic design yesterday that has a, actually, a group of Muslims, a group of Arabs, a group of Americans, black people, Mexican people, and that's what we have. We have separated to where some of us work, various segments of the market, and we're doing it in the most beautiful competitive manner, and we do have associated. Go ahead.

00:26:42 Jeff: No, I said that's very good.

00:26:46 Dante: Yes, and then we even have fun with this, Jeff. It's just not, this is why many of us in the company work a tremendous amount of hours. We are not slaves, you know, we still can go to church or go to our gym or something like that, but we work a tremendous amount of hours. Do you have no idea how many times I'm looking at the internet and people like Katerin are working until four o'clock in the morning. Mariana, Majo, I mean, and I go like “wow”, these people really love their company, they do because they love what we do. We're helping people; we're creating the future of medication. But anyway, let me stop because I get care away and can you explain to Jeff in the form that we're creating our competition now with the various houses of the Game of Thrones?

00:27:38 Anne: Yes, of course, so we have an internal competition in the company where we have divided our team members into different houses according to the game of throne houses. So just you know, to add a little bit of fun, and who hasn't seen a game of thrones? This is to, you know, to really push that competition, and I mean that healthy competition and also motivate, and you know we have fun with it. We just finished some sales today and I was already calling out Katerine's house, you know, to rise up to the challenge, because we know my team is getting closer to her numbers. So, it's you know, it's a way of having fun to it, but also, you know, even with that competition going on at all benefits the company because at the end of the day, you know, we're all working towards the same goal and that is getting our product out there, and as Dante was mentioned in it, and you know, when you talk with our colleagues, you really get a sense that they enjoy what they're doing because they believe in the product and most of the people that are here, we all have some type of personal connection when it comes to cannabis. You either have someone who has benefited from it, from its medical purposes and we, you know, the more we understand it, the more we want to bring this knowledge to a world where, you know, cannabis has been stigmatized. So, you have that incentive of, you know, wanting to compete, but you also have an additional incentive of just, you know, believing in a product that actually helps millions of people around the world.

00:29:24 Dante: And my team, I’m the Lannisters. Who are you?

00:29:29 Anne: I’m the Starks.

00:29:32 Dante: And Katerin?

00:29:33 Anne: She is at Tyrells.

00:29:36 Dante: And she is winning right now, right?

00:29:40 Anne: By a bit, yes.

00:29:42 Dante: Not by long, not by long, because, you know, you watch. And María José, what’s the name of your house?

00:29:52 María José: My house is the Targaryens.

00:29:53 Jeff: Sounds like a lot of fun.

00:29:58 Dante: Yeah, we try to add the concept to our work because once again, it has to be fun. If it's not fun, if we're not working with a specific purpose or goal, is not worth it, and for us is truly worth it. We see ourselves in a lab, we see ourselves in hospitals, we see ourselves when we close our eyes, helping patients. And that just gives you the best feeling that you could possibly have, there are a lot of ways to make money, a lot of ways.

00:30:32 Jeff: Absolutely.

00:30:35 Dante: We chosen the medical because I just feel that again, t's just been so damage. Doctors are being made or they're being asked to work, I don't know so many hours a day and they can only spend with you seven to ten minutes and they just, you know a lot of them, just say: Hey, do you need some medications? Okay, we'll get them to you, blabla! Thank you so much. And then you have to go to another doctor and then they send you to a specialist, and it takes a month and a half, because that specialist is just so overwhelmed with so many patients because they need to pay their bills. We want to be real actors in this world. We really want to make a difference and every person that works for CHNC. We feel like that. Go ahead, Jeff.

00:31:31 María José: Sorry to interrupt, the same project, it's just a great team effort and nice to meet you all, I'm the project manager and you know, when you tell someone by itself to go and do. Get a sale done, go and promote the product, it's very different as to when you put a group of people towards a common project because you not only get the individual will of each people to just sell the product, but you get a collaborative effort and we've tried to mix it up as we get everyone from each department that has a different talent to work together. So, if someone has a great idea as to go and market in the middle eastern countries, then you get someone from the Arabic team who's they're willing to help, and then you get someone from the design team that says: hey, you guys have a great idea. How about we make this design? And this might be very impactful to this area that you're trying to market, and then we get someone from the copyrighting department to help them out, so it really just makes a strong bond with us as a company, it pulls us together to work towards the goal. It builds up very strong competition and very healthy competition and we've felt like every promotion that we've taken along, the better the dynamics of the teams, the stronger the cells that come along.

00:32:51 Jeff: That's fantastic to hear. One of the things I'd like to point out to all the investors that are on the call is that when you're listening to this company talk about their team, you hear this department, that department, Copywrite department, sales department, marketing department. This is not your typical OTC company. They have over 40 staff. All the different departments work with doctors, universities, have lawyers that are part of the company. This is a very serious company.

00:33:25 Dante: We actually have a clinic, Jeff, in Houston, and we see patients in our clinic with our doctors, with our nurses, with the staff, and we do our clinical trials. But go ahead, Jeff. I'm sorry.

00:33:37 Jeff: Yeah, so, I'm moving on. We'll start to the next question because we got to keep this moving. Cannabis World Journals has experienced massive growth. I believe there are somewhere around two million subscribers currently. What can you tell us about the future of this wonderful magazine?

00:33:54 Anne: I'll go ahead and answer that one as the content editor of the magazine. Well, yes, we've experienced amazing growth. You know we, in our first year we were just really looking to consolidate a magazine that would meet the demand and the equality that the market really hopes for and expect. So, you know, this last year was about consolidating, about building the best possible version of a magazine that we could have. We expanded some of our areas, some of our sections. Now we have our person and company of the month, where we have had amazing interviews, just to name a few. We've had interviews with doctor Rafel Michele, as you all know, the doctor and of, you know, modern medical cannabis. We had Steve D Angello come and have a chat with us too. We've had Paula Mentano from normal. We just recently were talking because of course we were very interested in what happens in the legal area and the legal developments, so we've sat down in an interview which is going to be featured on our 30th of July edition with Congressman Earl Blumenauer, who's been working tirelessly when it comes to cannabis regulation. So, he gave us a bit of insight of what's going to happen at a federal level. So, you know, it's been a fantastic journey. We, you know, we've tried to make this a global magazine, a global publication where we, you know, we talk about the medical aspect of the legal aspect of the industry. We also have a business section where we, we try to guide our public into what are the companies that, you know, are having the most compact in the industry, how to invest, you know, how to grow our company. We, you know, have our experts in the room section where we talk with. You know, these industry game changers who are already making a difference. So, you know, it's been amazing and there’s really no limit as to how much we can grow with these sections. As I was saying, it has given us more visibility to a point where, you know, it's given us higher presence in different countries. We are now getting contacted for paid advert within our magazine and we are working on actively recruiting sponsorships, the agents, and we'll begin via in-house these efforts at the beginning of the next month. I can't specify any concrete alliances, but you know, definitely is our plans, that we stand behind our publications. We're very, very proud of them and the response that we've gotten from these industry changers to have that sit-down with Cannabis World Journals and share their experience, from all parts of the industry too. I mean we've spoken with; you know.

00:37:09 Dante: Did you not interview, Mr. Chong?

00:37:13 Anne: Yes, of course, I was about to go there. We've talked to Tommy Chong from Cheech and Chong. He's also gave us an incredible interview for the magazine and that gave us a perspective of someone who's been around since the very beginning, who was even at some point incarcerated for something now that it's completely legal. Well, it's mostly legal. We've also talked to the producer Kevin Smith. We talked to Charlotte from the rock band system of a down and you have these different personalities and well-established celebrities that created in their own cannabis dispensaries and cannabis-related brands, and who wish to sit down and give us their five senses on what their experiences have been. We've been very, very blessed and we’re very happy too, to be able to have those names now as part of our Cannabis World Journals experience.

00:38:25 Jeff: That's amazing, Anne. Thank you for your answer. Last year you guys entered into an agreement with a second clinical lab in Bogota. How's that going and what does it mean for the company?

00:38:40 Dante: It means a lot. Actually, I was in Bogota about a month and a half ago or two months ago, and we were a little bit on hold because of COVID and we couldn't travel, but now I got to meet Doctor Lisette, which is in the group right now, and Doctor John, which are the owners of the Quiasmo clinic and it’s a magnificent operation. One of the things that we look forward to, we're going to do our cannabis clinical trials with or without the bureaucracy of a specific country, so, that's one of the things that we were not allowed to do it in Texas instead of Texas. You know sometimes, in the relative reasonable future. Then we intend to go and work with Doctor Lisette and Doctor John in Colombia or in Puerto Rico and, as a matter of fact, Doctor Lisette and Doctor John of Quiasmo have become distributors for CHNC. So, we could feel better about this relationship. They're really truly amazing people, and they're definitely equipped, and they have the knowledge, they have psychologies in their firm. I’m terribly sorry. Well, she probably doesn’t have access to the microphone but anyway, so they have psychologies, they MD’s and they have therapists, is just a magnificent clinic, their set-up in amazing and the way that actually build their officers, their clinic. It's just the ambience is one of peacefulness. Not saying that you're going to be cured the moment you walk in. But you feel very, very comfortable. It's an unusual clinic, completely different to the regular, average situation, with a nice counter and the nurses and everything they have. They created a concept out of their cleaning. We're very lucky to be with them.

00:41:09 Jeff: Fantastic! Going back, switching steam here a little bit and going to more marketing and sales side. You recently PR pretty substantial increase in revenue in sales, as I believe it was over 2300% in sales increases and over 400% in revenue, and that was, I assume, due to the recent marketing programs you guys have been pushing across the world. Do you see that continuing?

00:41:46 Dante: Absolutely, we don't let go. I mean one thing: we are in our company is very stubborn people. So, yes, we're actually fighting for first place, as Anne mentioned a little while ago. And no, something happened to most of the Hispanic countries. They were highly affected. I don't know how’s in Canada, the United States, it's happening, but we still do pretty good anyway. But inflation, like the Colombian peso, went up from 3500 pesos or something like that to today, I believe it was for 4500 and they expected it to go to 5000. So, the same thing happened in Argentina, it's a horrible situation is matter of fact. So, we were slow down a bit. But I really think this has legs. We continue to progress. We're learning a lot. This is our first forty-five days, and those sales are baby sales. You know, I just figured, like our company is just really going to start operating next couple of weeks because we won't have the disruption, disruption really and distraction of the audit and the numbers and fighting with PCAOB’s and accountants and all sorts of things that really have legal, that have very little with operations. Once our registration is filed. Sometimes here pretty quick, I hope anyway. We can actually move to bigger and better things. You know, the company, it’ll open the doors for all kinds of investments, all kinds of allegiances, as I was telling you. We have been noticed, there was a group that sent us a letter and I checked with this has already been through the legal channels. Finally, Jeff, so, yeah, people offered 25, 50 million dollars and at the same time, you have to be very careful who you get married with. So, we're very cautious in the area of celebrities, alliances, partnerships, we, at this point would like to continue flying solo for a few months, but there are some beautiful things coming and, yes, we'll embrace it and we'll let everybody know at the right time.

00:44:26 Jeff: Amazing news. What can you tell us about any current celebrity contact you've made through your company contact, John, as well as any efforts that you plan on making to secure sponsorship at an international level, and how important that might be?

00:44:43 Dante: Well, it is very important. It is incredibly important. A celebrity can, that will sponsor our company, can actually incentivize our base our clients, let's just say, I don't know, let’s just throw a name, Rihanna, Mike Tyson, I don't know, whoever, Senator, somebody you know, a coach, a well-known coach or something like that. Can actually validate, can actually help us expand on the better, highest echelon of the educational system, and you know, when you say: we have the, let's say, hypothetically speaking, Mike Tyson University, or you know, some other person, and the people, then you expand to two million followers, or 20 million followers or 90 million followers, and then ,you know, your sales start coming in, you can increase the price of the product. That will be just an amazing thing again, and we offer a magnificent greater than life compensation to whoever is going to join us. So, we have the incentives. We're at the right place, but again, you know, it can work both ways. We need to marry the right people and become, you know, people. People are already noticing us, but there would be a much faster channel, it would happen, you know, pretty much overnight, so, we are working with it. Some of the people that we're talking to, you know, some of them have agreements with this new world, with blablabla, so their image is incredibly protected. But we're not going to stop this, in matter of fact, starting 15 days from now, we're going to be sending 50 letters a week to pharmaceutical companies, all kinds of sponsors, medical institutions, celebrities, and we expect very positive results. We will send 50 letters out to great institutions or people, and that is going to pay off, Jeff. When? How? With who? You know, it's not certain. But we are determined to make that happen. We need to walk by the side of great people such as you and your group, for example. You guys have made a huge difference in our lives and then you know, we're talking to people from all over the world, from Germany to Israel to South Africa, investors, allegiances, Baltimore, Maryland, I mean like, yeah, we're finally set up to fly and to fly very, very high, but again we're not alone. A year ago, we barely knew you guys, and now you're with us and you're bringing more people and more people from different places, this machine it's not about to stop any time soon. We're getting bigger, better, better people, stronger, which is very excited. So, yeah, celebrity is definitely a priority, right now our priority is our medicine, our clinical trials and to continue to increase our sales. But yes, that's in the works.

00:48:58 Jeff: But to be clear, Dante, you have made contact with multiple celebrities at this point already. Just don't have anything on the books.

00:49:08 Dante: No and the reason for that is when it comes to their image, and when we, when it comes to the legal and our expectations, we are very, very focused, disciplined. We're not about to make somebody a millionaire or a millionaire or very wealthy if they don’t do what our company deserves. So, yeah, we have even negotiated contracts back and forth, but we’re like, like I tell you, our priority right now is medical, its increase of clinical trials, an increase of sales and obviously, or registrations. But we, we have come close, nothing, nothing. We don't have signed contracts and we're okay with that, Jeff. At this point we will continue. Things happen for a reason, but our letters will go out to Pfizer, to Eli Lily, to Merck, to the celebrities of the world. You know, various countries, various markets, various sports, various business entities. No, no, our effort is going stick, which is, you know, keep trying.

00:50:30 Jeff: Absolutely, so, do you have any additional marketing plans for the company upon the name change?

00:50:39 Dante: Yeah, absolutely. We, you know, the name change it’s incredible significant. The credibility that it's going to bring to our company, it'll just be enormous, and our new name will be much more specific with our trade, with the things that we do, so, no more confusion, sometimes when we're going to talk to whoever. Even to subscribe a person to $49 dollar membership, something that little per say, it comes like where you're a company from China and the credibility sometimes disappear. And are you sure? And why are you educating people? And how can you do clinical trials when you're a construction company? So, yes. Once we have our new name, of course, we're going to work on the brand and continue to work with our sleep center, our studies and definitely get into at that time. I have to be very careful with this. Even getting into fabrication, Rosangel said vitamins, and that may not sound like nothing to people, but we're really talking about medication, so yes, yes, we would like to capitalize on that.

00:52:17 Jeff: Absolutely, that will be a big step for the company. Many shareholders have asked this question, and he is a shareholder of record, Brian Cuban. Many have asked about your connection to Brian and the Cuban family in general.

00:52:35 Dante: Yeah, Brian Cuban is a very dear friend of mine for almost 20 years. We're incredibly, incredibly close, he is friendship that I treasure, very important in my life. However, if you want to know the answer, of why, I cannot, and I wouldn't anyway, and we're not here to throw names or anything like that. That doesn't do any good for, and I don't want to disrespect the Cuban last name or anything like that. But if you read the book, the addictive Lawyer. Henry, is that what it's called: addictive or addictive Lawyer?

00:53:16 Anne: The Addiction Lawyer.

00:53:18 Dante: The Addiction Lawyer. You'll understand why I really don't want to even go there, and I have to respect Brian. He’s a wonderful person, he's a speaker right now, he works against all kinds of addictions, he's writing books, he has a beautiful life, and he has no problem, he'll make his life public, is so transparent anyway. But read his book and you'll understand why I don't even want to talk about this.

00:53:53 Jeff: I respect that completely, Dante. Thank you for answering at all. CHNC has an Android app, a lot of shareholders weren't aware, but now Apple just recently changed their content laws to allow cannabis content. How does CHNC feel about that? And are you guys planning to release an Apple version of your app?

00:54:19 Dante: Yes, María, can you please respond to that question.

00:54:21 Anne: Well, actually, I was going to answer the question, Anne here. Can you hear me?

00:54:30 María José: Yes, we can hear you, I can take it as well.

00:54:30 Anne: Yes, go ahead María.

00:54:32 María José: Well, all right. So, yes, we do have an app. It was a very successful app. We were managing it pretty well. However, internally, we made a transition from working for all of our devices and all of our design content from the WordPress platform to the Wix platform. So, we do have an app. We are looking into Android and app development, and we are developing that as well, but at the moment, since we made the transition to Wix, we are working on fixing and developing everything through the Wix platform. So, while we do that movement, it is still going to be in the works, but we are definitely working towards that. However, we will still be very heavily focused on sales and integrating all of our packages because sales is our main objective, but we will definitely integrate the app in the near future.

00:55:28 Dante: Actually, Wix does that for us, María. They actually, as we integrate, and we completely changed to Wix from WordPress. It’s an automatic conversion, they actually are tied to Apple. So, yes, it'll be up and running in, I guess, like she said, we're working on sales, but in no time. This is something that Katerin is handling, and she handles things fast and efficiently. So yeah, it'll be up and running again, in a short period of time.

00:56:07 Jeff: Cool, sounds great. So, how many studies are ongoing currently for the company and, if you're able to, which major pharmacies are you connected with on these studies?

00:56:19 Dante: Yeah, the pharmaceutical companies or sponsors, we cannot discuss because they are the largest producers of medics in the world, so, when you're contracted by the sponsors or pharmaceutical companies, literally, you get a 500 page on disclosure agreement, and I mean, it's tight. We cannot deviate from that at all whatsoever, so we're not going to talk about the companies. They are the largest in the world, and that's why they hired us, but, Mariana, how many studies do we have?

00:57:04 Mariana: We have right now 16 studies available.

00:57:23 Jeff: Wow, 16 is Amazing.

00:57:26 Dante: Yeah, and what are the names of the conditions, Mariana?

00:57:44 Mariana: So, the conditions that we have right now are for our NOVA pediatric donors, those are blood samples that we take from patients between 0 to 17 years old. Then we have a peanut allergy trial, Crohn's disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, influenza, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Trichomonas trials, Celiac disease, Macular degeneration, Chronic Diarrhea, Congestive heart failure it’s a trial for patients treated with a medicine called Vancomycin. Those are trials that we have right now.

00:58:11 Dante: And we have cancer, I don't know if you have mentioned the cancer trials, Mariana.

00:58:16 Mariana: Yes. We did have cancer trials.

00:58:21 Dante: And you name the type of cancers?

00:58:21 Marianna: Yes. We had three cancer trials. It was Lymphoma Hodgkin Colorectal cancer. It was a trial related to fatigue for breast cancer. So, those were the trials.

00:58:54 Dante: Those are being completed, Jeff, so we're getting ready to sign up about four or five more clinical trials. They are actually in the pipeline. We have recruited more doctors. So that we can handle those new trials, but it's looking pretty good, our administration with the clinic has never been better. Like everything in our company.

00:59:04 Jeff: Right.

00:59:05 Dante: We were a mess and we were able to reconstruct ourselves.

00:59:09 Jeff: Now, one of the great things I've always liked about your company, and correct me if I'm wrong, is that your clinical labs allow you the ability to conduct your own studies, phase one through four.

00:59:20 Dante: Correct, correct, as a matter of fact, we do have 6 offices in Houston and how they work, Jeff, because the doctor that we work for a specific illness, they're called Principal Investigators. So, contractually speaking, they give us an office at their clinic, so, one of our agents, one of our nurses, one of our doctors, they actually house out of the doctor's clinic. However, our clinic is just beautiful. It's just amazing and thanks to the two administrators that we have and the staff that is there, honestly, we've never had better. So, we're conducting most of the trials at our office, most of them and about good 80% of it. So, we actually just travelled to the doctor's offices to go do the reports and honestly give a paycheck, but yes, we are doing most everything out of our clinic.

01:00:35 Jeff: That's fantastic. Now, do you have any plans for any mergers or further acquisitions in the near term?

01:00:45 Dante: Yes. And you know, by the way, for most people Anee it's a legal counsellor and María José is the director of all South America operations, but go ahead and discuss the merger of the purchase of the unit in California done by High Times.

01:01:15 Anne: Yes, thank you. Can you hear me? We of course wish to expand as other companies do, like, you know, we take, for example, High Times Holding Corp recently, you know, purchased the California consumption Loungers, I'm sure you've all heard of, and this is just a sample of how our company could eventually diverse into other businesses. As long as our housekeeping matters continue to be beyond reproach, it will allow us to dive into new cannabis opportunities. We will be, of course, careful in how we choose to enter this new business venture. I mean, we've spent so many years in this slow pace but varying steady growth. We just wish to continue building this solid foundation before making any decisions into new cannabis opportunities. But yes, I mean, of course, the “when” it's still going to be unanswered, but there's a universe, a complete universe of cannabis-related opportunities. I mean we have kind of retail companies, just to name a few. So we do see, you know, how other companies have done it, as I mentioned, and it is definitely on the radar for us to continue to expand our cannabis universe.

01:02:43 Dante: Yeah, Jeff. And at the risk of being redundant, our people, our staff, our partners, we have been very, very careful on how we walk this thin line, and we truly understand that our priority is sales, the consistency that we have created or acquired, more clinical trials, sleep center and the products that we have, the cannabis, per se production, more scientific information. Everything is done in the most prestigious, I mean, beyond reproach, medical publications and everything. Yes, when? We don't know, but again, this registration it’s going to open a world of opportunities for us. We don't have to, you know, be embarrassed, the name, we don't have to, you know, have numbers that nobody believes, because those are your numbers. These are federal government stamp accounting. So, now we’re, you know, we're actually working on making it to the big leagues and we'll be there, matter of time.

01:04:05 Jeff: Yeah, that's fantastic. Now, many shareholders have brought up the possibility of a buyout in the future by a larger company or pharmaceutical. What are your thoughts on this subject?

01:04:19 Dante: From their mouth to God’s ears, nothing would give us better pleasure than to be acquired by, you know, the Pfizers of the world, you know, the Mercks, those companies. There was an acquisition that was done for a cannabis company, and honestly, I mean, with modesty and without critiquing anything, I think we're more advanced than that company, just our housekeeping matters were not correct, but I believe they gave them 25. Henry, was it 25 billion?

01:04:57 Jeff: It was 4.5 billion, Dante.

01:05:00 Dante: 4.5 billion, and they were acquired by Pfizer.

01:05:06 Jeff: I compared the two companies as well. They had the one clinical lab versus where you have the two, I actually wrote a short thing in our discord about it at one point.

01:05:18 Dante: Yes. So, definitely, we are in the ball game. Again, we were so focussed on getting this nightmare of accounting done. Once again, 15 years of things that we have no jurisdiction, no control, knew nothing about yet, we were forced, you know, I mean, not as a victim, not forced in a bad manner but in order to complete our audit, we were forced to provide answer and balances of accounting balance of the close of the year of 2012 and there were no records, there were no names, the company went dark for about seven years, it was a true nightmare. If we were able to do that, we're going to be able to do the things that we love and that we care about, and you know, we studied for.